An accent wall is simply a wall in a room that is different from the other walls.  and boy, they are hitting it big in current design. One of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to achieve an accent wall is with paint.  Choosing one wall and painting it a different color than the other walls makes a huge statement in any space.

Color choice is very important.  If the room is smaller, the larger number of walls should be painted a lighter color with the accents being at least three to four shades darker.  On the contrast, if you have a larger room there is more flexibility in choosing a lighter or darker shade for the accent wall. However, the bolder, darker color for the accent wall gives a more dramatic effect.

Another consideration is what is going to be placed on or near the accent wall.  If furniture is going to be placed on the accent wall, such as the bed in this picture,  choose a color that contrast with the furniture shade. Love how this black wall brings out the richness of the wood in this gorgeous bed.

If you are itching to  make a change in any space but lack the desire to “re-do” everything in that space, try an accent wall.  It can dramatically change the look of a space without causing a major set back in your wallet.